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The Vinmetrica SC-300 SO2 & pH/TA Analyzer Kit

The SC-300 analyzer gives accurate SO2, pH and TA values. Kit includes everything to perform about 50 sulfite tests and 30 TA tests: both electrodes, all reagents, pipettes, syringe and beaker.The International version includes 4 small bottles of the acid solution in accordance with international shipping restrictions, but functions the same.

SC-300 Manual SC-300 SO2 & pH/TA How-To Videos

Need to do Total SO2? Purchase our 1N NaOH solution here.

Now you can measure SO2 and pH/TA quickly and easily so you can focus on what matters, making high quality wines!The International version comes with three 1 ounce bottles of the Acid Solution per international shipping regulations. The acid solution is the same concentration and functions the same, use approximately 2 mL per free SO2 test.Note:This does not apply to shipments destined for Canada.

The Ultimate Winemaker’s Companion.

One lean, mean wine analyzing machine. The SC-300 combines the SO2 detection of the SC-100 and the pH/TA analysis of the SC-200 into one power-packed instrument.

It’s built on the same hardware and software as our other two analyzers, so the accuracy is superb. And it’s just as easy to use ? The audible buzzer and visual stop light will automatically let you know when you’re tests are done!

Because it does not rely on a color change, the SC-300 eliminates the guesswork in Ripper sulfite tests, especially in red wines!

Complete Wine Testing Kit ? Includes Everything Needed to Analyze Sulfite (SO2), pH and TA (Titratable Acidity) levels in Your Wines & Musts:

  • The SC-300 SO2 & pH/TA Meter
  • SO2 & pH/TA reagents
  • Two titration beakers
  • Two 5 mL syringes
  • Two transfer pipettes
  • a SO2 electrode
  • a pH electrode
  • 25 mL sampling pipette (for SO2)
  • 5 mL sampling pipette (for pH/TA)
  • The SC-300 Operating Manual


No magnetic stir bar, magnetic stirrer or burette is necessary but if you have these you can use them. Use of a Class A 10 mL glass burette can increase accuracy and resolution of the SO2 and TA titration. Can be secured with a double burette clamp attached to a laboratory support stand.

A Quick Overview – Wine Analysis Procedures with the SC-300:

ALWAYS use caution when dispensing the acid solution. It is not terribly dangerous but ALWAYS use laboratory protective eyewear, gloves and preferably long sleeves, pants and closed toed shoes. If you do happen to get it on you flush with large amounts of water. If the acid solution gets into the eye, walk over to a sink and flush water in your eye for 10-15 minutes, call 911 if there is any concern and consult a poison control agency, in the US call 1-800-222-1222. For poison control in other countries check out this website.

Easy SO2 Test


  • 1. Attach SO2 electrode, press the power button, change to SO2 mode and press enter.
  • 2. Draw up 5 mL of titrant into the syringe and place 25 mL of wine in beaker.
  • 3. Add ~2 mL of the acid and ~2 mL of the reactant to your wine.
  • 4. Place and hold the SO2 electrode in the wine sample and swirl beaker.
  • 5. Add titrant from syringe dropwise until 15 second long endpoint signal reached.
  • 6. Multiply the titration volume by 20, the SO2 conversion factor, results in ppm Free SO2.


Simple pH Test


  • 1. Attach the pH electrode, set aside storage solution, rinse with DI water and blot gently with a paper towel.
  • 2. Press the power button then press the ‘Mode’ button and switch the SC-300 into ‘Cal’ mode.
  • 3. Calibrate using the pH 4 and pH 7 reference standards provided. Put the SC-300 in pH mode.
  • 4. Take 5 mL sample of wine, place in a beaker. Take a pH reading.

Accurate TA Test


  • 1. For the TA test, withdraw 5 mL of the TA Titrant with the syringe.
  • 2. Take 5 mL wine sample and add ~15 mL of deionized water.
  • 3. Put the SC-300 into TA mode, place clean pH electrode gently in solution.
  • 4. Add TA Titrant from the syringe dropwise until the endpoint is reached indicated

    with the visual and audible signals. Record the volume (in mL) of titrant used.

  • 5. Multiply the titration volume by 2, the TA conversion factor,

    results in g/L Tartaric Acid.

Simple as that!



For more details about operation and running Vinmetrica’s SC-300:


Check out the SC-300 Manual

The SC-300 has Four Great How-To Videos detailing how to take Control of your SO2, pH and TA levels in Your Wine!


Why Choose Vinmetrica’s SC-300?


Where else will you find a single, compact instrument that can measure sulfite (SO2), pH and TA (Titratable Acidity) levels throughout the fermentation and aging process? Even in Red Wines!


– It’s Accurate:


    • SO2: 2 ppm Free SO2.
    • TA: 0.2 g/L Tartaric acid
    • pH: better than 0.02 pH units


– Quick! ? Less than 2 minutes per test!


– Affordable ? About a $1 per test!*


– Easy to use ? No mystery solutions, pumps or tubing.


* SO2 (Sulfite) Tests cost approximately 75 / Test (the cost of the reagents per test). If you do a combined pH and TA analysis, the cost of reagents for the pH/TA test is approximately $1.12 / Test.


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