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The Acid solution is 2M (2N) Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) (6% W/W). The solution is considered a hazardous material. For the international units or reagents, we have found an acceptable method of shipping with FedEx. This is in compliance with international shipping standards. We can now ship the acid solution internationally. The acid solution will arrive in 1 ounce bottles but will function the same. This restriction also applies to shipments destined for Alaska and Hawaii.


This information does not apply to international shipments to Canada or Mexico.


If you are interested in purchasing the large 450 mL volume bottles of the acid solution or the SC-100 & SC-300 SO2 Reagent set, please email for more information.


ALWAYS use caution when dispensing or diluting the acid solution. It is not terribly dangerous but ALWAYS use laboratory protective eyewear, gloves and preferably long sleeves, pants and closed toed shoes. If you do happen to get it on you flush with large amounts of water. If the acid solution gets into the eye, walk over to a sink and flush water in your eye for 10-15 minutes, call 911 if there is any concern and consult a poison control agency, in the US call 1-800-222-1222. For poison control in other countries check out this website. Poison Centers.


Another option for getting a large amount of the acid solution would be to order 2M HCl from Sigma Aldrich, click here. You can order a liter of 2M HCl through them, while on the website it claims it is 22.70 per liter, there is also an added $15 – 25 hazardous materials charge and then the shipping cost on top of that. So the cost is from $37.70 – $47.70 plus shipping. At Vinmetrica, each SO2 analyzer kit has 100 mL of the 2M HCl Acid reagent which is good for about 50 tests, so you can imagine that you will not run out of the liter quantity anytime soon. HCl almost never deteriorates (as long as it is not cross-contaminated and is stored and sealed properly).