Free SO2 and Total SO2

Sulfur Dioxide, or SO2, is a chemical compound used by winemakers to help keep their wine protected from the negative effects of oxygen exposure as well as spoilage microorganisms. Free SO2 is important for determining preservation ability. Total SO2 is not as important for home winemakers because it is usually measured to fulfill export regulatory requirements. Regular testing for Free SO2 allows for the winemaker to make the necessary additions to the wine to avoid spoilage. Vinmetrica’s SC-100A and SC-300 test for not only Free SO2 but Total SO2 as well, when you purchase separately our 1N NaOH solution. For more information about Free SO2 and Total SO2, check out this link to the MoreWine article: SO2 Management by Shea A.J. Comfort.

4 thoughts on “Free SO2 and Total SO2

  1. The link you provided no longer works. Can you update the link?
    SO2 Management by Shea A.J. Comfort.

  2. Hi, Our company is in the wine tap business. I currently test O2 permutation. I’m interested in understanding more about the So2 test, and how it could help me in understanding of how to improve our taps performance.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

    1. Jim,
      we have an SO2 testing device, the SC-100A (and the SC-300). If SO2 levels are dropping quickly it is almost certainly a reflection of oxygen getting into the wine.

      In addition we have an oxygen probe to measure dissolved oxygen directly. This works with the SC-300.

      I believe that the two of these together can provide the data you need.
      If you have further questions please let me know.
      Many thanks,

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