Malic Acid Wine Analysis Vinmetrica SC-50 Video

Measure the malic acid in your wine quickly, easily and accurately using the Vinmetrica SC-50 MLF Analyzer. Even in red wines! Rachel shows how easy it is to do in this straightforward step by step Quick Test video tutorial. An additional Quantitative Mode video shows you  how to quantitatively assign a value (in g/L) for malic acid in your wine samples,  The SC-50 is an add-on upgrade to the venerable Vinmetrica SC-300, SC-100 and SC-100A.

Stop wasting time and effort measuring malic acid in your wine with test strips, or noxious chemicals found in the development of paper chromatography. With just a 30 min incubation time, and 3 minutes of prep, you can have an accurate Malic acid concentration in your wine, so you can focus on what matters, making high quality wine!

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