Barrel Steaming Service


Our Barrel Steaming Service helps clean, sanitize and condition your barrels. Due to electrical power requirements, this service is provided in-house only.


Are you concerned about the sanitary state of your barrels?  Vinmetrica now offers our Barrel Steaming Service that will remove such wine pathogens as Brettanomyces, pediococcus, lactobacilli, acetobacter, and others. While steaming the barrels, the internal temperature will reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit or higher*, enough to effectively inhibit growth of pathogenic yeasts, bacteria and fungi.

Wine barrels must be brought to our office for this service! When you place this order, please purchase one per barrel and in the comments section of the order please write the date you would like to schedule the service. Once you place your order, we will contact you for more details. We hope to be able to offer mobile barrel steaming services in the future.

*While 212 degrees Fahrenheit or higher is known to be a sufficient temperature to hinder growth of wine pathogens, we cannot assume any liability for future problems with your product.*