Dissolved Oxygen System


Available March 16, 2019

The Dissolved Oxygen electrode easily attaches to your SC-200 or SC-300 Analyzer. Giving you accurate values with an easy to follow method, determining your Dissolved Oxygen levels has never been easier!

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Dissolved Oxygen System

A great addition to your SC-200 or SC-300 pH Analyzer! The Dissolved Oxygen (DO) System is designed to give you accurate DO readings using the pH function on your Vinmetrica Equipment.

Vinmetrica Dissolved Oxygen System Manual Dissolved Oxygen System How-To Video

The Importance of Testing for Dissolved Oxygen in your Wine or Beer.

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) has numerous effects on wine, some desirable, some definitely not. Depending on the type of wine and its characteristics, careful management of DO will ensure best stability and outcome. At time of bottling, for example, it is generally desirable to keep DO below 10% saturation.

Want to test with ease? Have you seen our Deluxe Lab Accessory Kit? Set up your DO probe and SC Series instrument using state of the art laboratory equipment. Our Electrode holder makes testing a breeze.

A Quick Overview – Wine Analysis Procedures with the Dissolved Oxygen System:

  • 1. Press the power button and navigate to mV or pH mode.
  • 2. Assemble DO probe – using membrane and electrolyte solution (first-time use only). Attach DO2 electrode to instrument.
  • 3. Create Sodium Sulfite Solution and measure 0% DO saturation.
  • 4. Measure 100% DO saturation.
  • 5. Measure DO saturation in wine sample.
  • 6. Calculate DO as % of saturation, convert to mg/L if desired.

Simple as that!



  • Accuracy: +/-2% of reading or saturation (whichever is greater)
  • Resolution: 0.03 mg/L dissolved oxygen

For more details about operation and running Vinmetrica’s Dissolved Oxygen System:

Check out the Dissolved Oxygen System Manual

The Dissolved Oxygen System How-To Video – Coming Soon!

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