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Take Control of SO2, Malic Acid, Sugar, pH, TA, Dissolved Oxygen in your wine!

NEW! The Vinmetrica YAN Test Kit is now available!


  •  Accurate SO2, Malic, pH & TA Tests
  • Fast Results (2 minutes or less)
  •  Easy To Use, No Guesswork
  • Works with Reds, Whites & Musts
  • Affordable – About $1 per Test!*

a bundle of grapes Testimonials

“The Vinmetrica SC-100 allows me to accurately test 6 or 8 wines for Free SO2 in less than an hour including setup time vs spending an entire afternoon testing wines using the AO method. The test results correlate within a few ppm of results from commercial test labs.

Anyone getting into home winemaking should seriously consider the SC-100 as one of their key investments.”

~Doyle Souders, Sunnyvale, California

* SO2 (Sulfite) and the combined ph/TA Tests cost less than 50¢ / Test (the cost of the reagents per test if you buy the 450 mL SO2 reagent kit or if a 480 mL ph/TA Reagent kit is purchased, respectively). The Malic Acid Test is less than $3 / Test (if a set of 32 bioreaction vials is purchased).