SC-100A Manual 
SC-100 Manual 

SC-200 Manual 

SC-300 Manual 

SC-300 Pro Kit Manual

This manual is for customers with the original style SC-50 that connects to your SC-100A or SC-300 unit.

SC-50 MLF Manual

This manual is for customers with the new standalone SC-50 unit using the original procedures, this includes methods for using Boost Juice.

SC-50 MLF Manual (SC-55 version)

This manual is for customers with the new standalone SC-50 unit using the newest procedures that were updated in March 2021. The Boost Juice and 0.1g/L standard are no longer included in the procedures.

SC-50 MLF Manual (SC-55 version) updated 2021

This is the most current version of the manual as of June 1, 2023. This includes procedures for using the Assay Diluent solution.

NEW SC-50 MLF Manual (SC-55 version) updated 2023

Addendum to the SC-50 MLF Refill Kits

Information on the August 2019 Update to the SC-50/-55 MLF Kits and accessories

Deluxe Lab Accessory Kit Manual 

Alcohol by Volume Assay Kit Manual

YAN Analysis Manual

Residual Reducing Sugar Assay Kit Manual 


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6 thoughts on “Manuals

  1. Do you have a library of Safety Data Sheets that customers can download from?

    1. Robert,
      All our SDS sheets are on our website under the “Support” tab and then Safety Data Sheets (SDS). They should all be there but if we are missing one, please let me know.

  2. ABV manual and the video are not the same 1.5 mL of developer vs 2.0 mL in the video and in the video the bucket and lid was not rinsed just added 10 mL of DI water. I just want to be clear on what to do to get the best results.

    Thank you.

    1. Michael,
      We are working on updating our ABV video this year. Please follow the instructions in your manual and if you have any questions you can call our tech support line for additional assistance.

  3. On this page:

    The link to the YAN Test Kit manual is broken. Can you re-post or provide a new link? I need a copy of the manual. Thanks!

    1. Greg,
      We just emailed you a copy of the manual and will get the link fixed today.
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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