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  1. Hi,
    I am a homebrewer looking into the SC-200 for testing pH and TA of my sour beers during the brewing process. I see that the SC-200 is labeled as a Wine Analyzer Kit, and refers to Tartaric Acid in subsequent text. Will it be able to test pH and TA of beer given the expected byproduct of lactic acid?

    1. yes you can do pH and TA on beer with the SC200. The pH is independent of the beverage or whatever solution it’s measuring. The TA is also; it’s just a matter of how you calculate the final answer. Wine TA is usually reported as tartaric acid but the titration actually measures acidity as equivalents per liter (eq/L). If you assume the acid is mostly tartaric (true for wine) then you use the conversion factor for tartaric acid (75), as we do in our kit. For a sour beer you would use the factor for lactic acid (90). So you could just convert as:
      g/L lactic = 90/75 * g/L tartaric.

  2. Hey i ma kamaljit from india. I am very much interested to your so2/acidity tester.Can u have any store/outlet in india.Or please suggest me how i can proceed for that.

  3. Hello I am from Melbourne Australia and am very interested in your ph/Ta,fso2/tso2 anylser.
    Do you have an outlet or agent overe here or can you ship your products out here?

    1. John,

      You can purchase our equipment through Winequip in Australia. They should have most of our products in stock. We can also ship to Australia if Winequip doesn’t have what you need.


      1. What about Serbia, Europe? Where is your nearest representative?

        1. Sandor,

          We have a distributor in Denmark (, Sweden ( and now Poland ( Please contact any of our distributors and they should be able to take care of your order.


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