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If you have a need for SO, pH & TA, or MLF Technical Support we suggest walking through our Troubleshooting Guide first.

If you are unable to determine the problem you can contact our Tech Support line at 760-494-0597 and select Technical Support or use extension x102. It is helpful to have your unit and all reagents and parts ready and in front of you when working with Tech Support.

Our Contact form is currently down for maintenance. Please email or call us at 760.494.0597.

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  1. I have the YAN test kit and SC-300. I understand that YAN is the summation of both ammonia and amino acids. Will the final calculated YAN number include both of these?

    1. Our YAN test measures all yeast-available nitrogen including any contribution from ammonia.

  2. I purchased a Vinmetrica SC300 a few months ago and at first I was able to test for SO2. After my initial tests which came out well, I tested another wine a few weeks later and the amount of titrant was over 5 ml, and on another test, I used 10ML and still never reached the number of Free SO2. The meter never said stop. I keep my probe in the original box. The P/N on the probe is SC-100-3. Is my probe already bad? What could be the issue? When I started the test, it said proceed – and I added the reagent and acid 2ml each, then began the process of titration. The meter never went above zero, and it never said stop. It stayed in the proceed mode with a green light.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Nelson,
      Rich sent you an email. Have you tried walking through our Troubleshooting Guide to see if that narrows down the problem?

  3. Hi,

    I am looking for a dealer in europe.

    Kind regards

    1. Bram,
      We have several distributors in Europe. Our full list can be found here:

      They are in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, and Bulgaria. If you need any other help let us know.

  4. I’d like to know what math adjustment to use when calculating total malic acid in cider when using the TA testing procedure by Vinmetrica.

    1. Kelly,
      Thank you for reaching out. We actually just touched on this topic in our most recent newsletter. You can find information about this on our blog here: . This should help answer your question but if you need any other assistance let us know.

  5. Good Morning
    I am interested in purchasing your SC-300 kit. Do you ship to New Zealand?

  6. Hi

    Looking to get more pH storage solution. Based in Melbourne, Australia


    1. Phillip,

      pH electrode storage solution is a fairly easy solution to find. You do not need to source our solution from us in the US. If you have a local winemaking shop or company that sells pH electrodes their solution will most likely be the same as ours or very similar. If you find some solution and want us to check its chemical composition against ours we would be happy to take a look.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.

  7. I’m in Melbourne Australia and have your SO2 analyzer. Winequip no longer has the reagents, do you have another distributor in Australia? The shipping calculator is giving me $220 for a 100ml set!

    1. Rohan,
      I will email you separately for your shipping address. There are other options available for shipping that we can review. Keep an eye out for my email.

      1. Hi Taylor,
        Iā€™m in the exact same position as Rohan. I live in Melbourne also and require more reagents. I am getting a similar shipping quote. Are there any other shipping options available?



        1. Hi Adam,
          Ill send you an email directly. I am confident we can get you a good shipping rate.
          Keep an eye out for my email.

  8. Hey guys,

    I am trying to find the YAN Test Kit in Europe, do you know of any of your distributors selling it. I checked on their websites but cant seem to find it.

    Thanks and Cheers,


    1. Lorenz,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. I do not think any of our European distributors carry it but let me look in to this and I will email you.

    2. try biosentec in france.

  9. Hey – I was wondering – do you offer any bulk pricing, or any larger form factor for reagents, eg buying in 1L quantities instead of 450ml?

    Thank you!

    1. Andrew, we don’t offer larger sizes of reagents at this time. With respect to bulk pricing, we haven’t had that request but if you contact us, or with a suggested volume we can consider it.

  10. I tried to put in an order.
    It says you can not ship.
    “There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help.”
    My address is:
    Calle 5A sur 211
    Priv Manzanillo Reef 18
    71983 Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
    We do have a DHL office here in town, also FedEx and so on, So I do not understand why you can not deliver.
    Please let me know how to proceed.
    Thank you

    1. Wilfried,
      I will send you a separate email so we can go over shipping costs and what you want to order. Look out for a separate email from us.

  11. Hello I bought Vinmetrica SC-300 Sulfite & pH/TA Wine Analyzer Kit and tried to take it to Turkey on the plane unfortunately reagents were not allowed to be put on the plane therefore I do not have the reagents.
    Could you please let me know the details of the reagents and their volume and other specifications so that I can have them prepared at the local Chemists or laboratories. Thanks and regards
    Ziya Koseoglu

    1. Ziya,
      The Acid solution is 2N Hydrochloric Acid and can be easily made. The SO2 Titrant and SO2 Reactant are proprietary solutions so we do not give out the chemical composition. The TA Titrant is 0.133N NaOH, as listed on the bottle and the pH reference solutions can be found most places.

      We do have some distributors in Europe that can supply you with the reagents. Our closest distributor to you is actually in Bulgaria, . They should be able to help you with reagents. Or any of our other distributors in Europe which can be found on our “Find A Distributor” page under the support tab of our website.

      Let us know if you need any additional help.

  12. I have a question regarding the results from the ML procedure. Is it possible to get a negative number? I’ve had this happen a few times. I also noticed that with the negative number, I was still seeing a little activity in the carboy, not much be enough to have me concerned that maybe I’m not doing something right. Below are the results, in general.
    0.0 Std = 1.17
    0.4 Std = 3.04
    I ran 10 tests and the results varied from 0.6 to 5.54. All the readings, four of the readings were below the 0.0 Std reading, thus leading to the negative value. Thanks
    Wendell Barner

    1. Wendell,
      it is possible to see this occasionally. In that case you can generally assume it’s below 0.04 g/L malic. However, it’s a good idea in that case to run the “confirmation procedure” on that sample as directed in the manual, to be certain there isn’t inhibition of the reaction.

  13. Hi,
    I am a homebrewer looking into the SC-200 for testing pH and TA of my sour beers during the brewing process. I see that the SC-200 is labeled as a Wine Analyzer Kit, and refers to Tartaric Acid in subsequent text. Will it be able to test pH and TA of beer given the expected byproduct of lactic acid?

    1. yes you can do pH and TA on beer with the SC200. The pH is independent of the beverage or whatever solution it’s measuring. The TA is also; it’s just a matter of how you calculate the final answer. Wine TA is usually reported as tartaric acid but the titration actually measures acidity as equivalents per liter (eq/L). If you assume the acid is mostly tartaric (true for wine) then you use the conversion factor for tartaric acid (75), as we do in our kit. For a sour beer you would use the factor for lactic acid (90). So you could just convert as:
      g/L lactic = 90/75 * g/L tartaric.

    2. Rivenditore in Italia per acquisto o sostituzione elettrodo rotto

      1. Norberto,
        We do not have a distributor in Italy but we have one in Belgium.

        rivenditore in belgio con elettrodi di ricambio. Brouwland in Belgio

  14. Hey i ma kamaljit from india. I am very much interested to your so2/acidity tester.Can u have any store/outlet in india.Or please suggest me how i can proceed for that.

  15. Hello I am from Melbourne Australia and am very interested in your ph/Ta,fso2/tso2 anylser.
    Do you have an outlet or agent overe here or can you ship your products out here?

    1. John,

      You can purchase our equipment through Winequip in Australia. They should have most of our products in stock. We can also ship to Australia if Winequip doesn’t have what you need.


      1. What about Serbia, Europe? Where is your nearest representative?

        1. Sandor,

          We have a distributor in Denmark (, Sweden ( and now Poland ( Please contact any of our distributors and they should be able to take care of your order.


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