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  1. 1. Looking for barrel steaming equipment. Do you sell this type of thing?

    2. My vinmetrica 300 digital screen is loosing part of its display.

    1. Cynthia,
      We do not sell barrel steaming equipment however, if you are local to S. California we do offer a barrel steaming service where you can bring in your barrels and we can steam them at our facility.

      It sounds like your LCD screen needs to be replaced. This repair can be done in house and is $75 plus return shipping. If you want to send in your instrument please call our Tech Support line and request an RMA number for your equipment. We can also update the firmware and check your electrodes for additional fees, if you’re interested.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. Dear Sir,
        The display on my SC-300 screen is not working properly. Do you sell the screen separately for me to replace at home as I
        can’t afford to be without it for very long. The beeper still works and that’s what I’ve been using for SO2 analysis.

        1. Jeff,
          Unfortunately we cannot give you the screen to install at home. It is a bit too complicated for that. I have sent you an email separately with some additional details.

  2. I initiated last year in October 2016, the first enology laboratory in Scandinavia. Apart from offering analytical services and selling analytical kits and devices, I also consult in winemakling, rent out vinification equipment.
    I with like to be retailer also for Vinometrica, and offer SC-300 for SO2 anf TA measurement to my costumers, but eventually also your SC-50 Malic acid and ethanalæ by volume assay, allæ depending of pricing and discount possible as retailer.
    Do you have a sale office in Europa, I have seen your equipment advertized by Brouwland, Hulgaarden, and many other European retailers. Will it be to any benefite for you or for me to import Vinometrica equipment directly from USA, or easier and cheaper if I become a small retailer being from Brouwland.

    Carl-Henrik Brogren
    Biochemist, Microbiologist and Enologist
    Henningsens Alle 38
    DK-2900 Hellerup, Denmark

    1. Carl-Henrik, we also are selling our products through a Danish distributor I will contact you by Email. Thanks.

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