Testing for SO2

Testing for pH and TA

Testing for MLF

The methods and equipment for our Malolactic Fermentation Assay Kit have been updated and changed through the years. We have removed the videos relating to the old methods and old SC-50 instrument. We highly encourage all owners of the old style SC-50 (the one that attaches to your SC-200 or -300) to upgrade to the current standalone unit. Please contact us if you need any additional information. The How To videos for these old methods are still on our YouTube page if needed. The video below is for the newest instrument and follows the most up to date procedure for testing MLF.

Testing for Residual Sugar

Testing for Alcohol by Volume

Testing for YAN

Testing for Dissolved Oxygen

Sentia by Universal Biosensors

Visit our YouTube page for additional videos.

10 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Is there a particular order as to what test to preform first PH, TA, SO2 ?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Dave,
      Our apologies for the delayed response. We appear to be having some issues with our email.

      You can test in whatever order you prefer however it might work best this way… When you need to perform a TA test, you can take your pH reading before beginning your TA titration. When you do your Free SO2 tests, grab you 25mL wine sample needed for the test and then use your pH electrode to get the pH of the sample before continuing on to your SO2 titration using the SO2 electrode.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. Do you have a residual sugar assay video?

  3. I watched the sc-55 video and I am confused about the biopressure agent. Rachael never mentions the biopressure agent in the video. Am I correct, two scoops of the biopressure agent to each test vial prior to adding wine, the standard and the water? The pressure measurement would not be accurate without the biopressure agent, right?

    1. Randy,
      Right, the biopressure agent is the key ingredient in this test.

  4. In the testing for YAN video she states to use the PH probe but it looks like she is using the Blue SO2 probe. Also it is somewhat hard to read the instructions in white letters when they show up at the bottom of video over the white lab mats, maybe move to the top of the video.

    1. We changed suppliers for our pH probes and they are now blue, just like the SO2 probes. The probes she is using in the video is the pH probe as she mentions. Thank you for the feedback on the video. I will talk with IT and try and get that fixed.
      Thank you

  5. Change my email to: ***@***.com I tried to change it on the order confirmation page but it would notlet me do it.

  6. Do you have a DO video?

    1. Jeremy, we are completing one now and it should be on the web site soon. Thanks!

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