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2017 WineMaker Magazine Conference & Kickstarter

Vinmetrica at the Winemaker Magazine’s annual conference. June 1-3 2017, Ithaca, New York.

Vinmetrica was at the Winemaker Magazine Conference, held at the Statler Hotel on the Cornell University campus, amid the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York. Every year the conference hosts hundreds of wine and cider enthusiasts who are passionate about their craft. As always there were numerous presentations and workshops on vineyard practices, wine making, and of course, quality management of the product.   In that regard, many attendees stopped by the Vinmetrica booth to hear and see the latest products, including our ABV kit and dissolved oxygen system, as well as the workhorse SC-300 SO2 and pH/TA analyzer.

Of course there were several opportunities to try some great local wines as well as the proud creations of the members.

Next year, Winemaker Magazine will host its conference right here in San Diego, so Vinmetrica will especially do its part to make it another success!

KickStarter Program through July 29th 2017

Don’t forget to check out our WinePilot Project on Kickstarter! Go to and search on Vinmetrica.

Vinmetrica’s WinePilot project will bring the power of smartphones and the internet to your wine making. Our latest versions of the SC-300 are pre-configured for serial communication, and now we will develop the communication module and smartphone app to control, analyze and display your wine’s chemistry and history.

There are several reward levels if you pledge your support. You will see these options on the right hand side of the web page. You can upgrade recent versions of the SC-200 and-300, or receive considerable discounts for older versions of any of these, including the original SC-100 and 100A.

You’ll receive the latest version of the SC-300 with the WinePilot adapter and Smartphone App!


~Dr. J Richard Sportsman, Ph. D, President

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