How to Measure pH of Wine

In this video we will demonstrate how to measure the pH of your wine using the SC-200 pH/TA or SC-300 SO2 & pH/TA Analyzers. If you have already watched our How-to Calibrate your pH electrode you are ready to go!

If you would like to take a TA measurement as well, use the same 5 mL wine sample that you measured your pH with! Follow the instructions in the “How to Test Wine for TA” video after measuring the pH Two Tests at a time!

How to Test Wine for TA  

2 thoughts on “How to Measure pH of Wine

  1. Larry,
    It’s hard to tell what’s happening. It’s best if you give us a call at tech support 760-494-0597 and we’ll sort it out.

  2. after calibrating meter I got a ph of 3.72 which seems good But I cant get passed 5. 0 on T A what the reason low ta or operater error ?? I used two 5 ml syringes , second try testing this years chardonnay looks good tastes good ready for 1st racking. I just bought tester SC 300

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