How to Test Wine for TA (Titratable Acid) Video

In this video we will demonstrate how to do a Wine Titratable Acidity (TA) Analysis. The SC-200 and SC-300 both have the capability to do so. If you have already watched our How to Measure pH of Wine Video, you can keep the same 5 mL wine sample and do a TA analysis on it. Two tests at the same time!

4 thoughts on “How to Test Wine for TA (Titratable Acid) Video

  1. I bought a SC200 from Lodi Wine Labs about 2 weeks ago. I live in a remote area and I don’t have a good enough internet connection to watch the 3 videos about setup, ph, and ta. Is there anyway you could send me a link, or tell me a way I can download the videos to my hard drive so I can watch them without internet connection.

    1. Ted,
      We can make a flash drive of the videos for you but would need to bill you for the cost of the drive. Would that be helpful? Do you have a computer that can read that type of external drive?

      Let us know and we can order the flash drive for you.

  2. Can this be used to measure TA on fresh must before starting alcoholic fermentation? Is the method the same?

    1. Yes, the manual has instructions on dealing with must.

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