1N NaOH – Select A Size


For determination of Total SO2.

Good for approximately 12 or 52 tests, size depending.


For determination of Total SO2 (not included in SC-100A or SC-300 Analyzer kits). Guaranteed for 6 months but good for up to two years. Use by date printed on labels. To avoid cross-contamination with other reagents, use a dedicated syringe or burette to dispense the NaOH reagent. Store reagents in a dark, cool place with the bottle tightly sealed to maximize shelf life. Good for about 12 or 52 tests, size depending.

You will also need SO2 Acid solution and SO2 Reactant solution to perform the Total SO2 test.


The 1N NaOH solution must be shipped as a 30 mL bottle to be shipped internationally. This is because it is treated as a Hazardous Material. If you purchase this we will send you the solution in  four small bottles per international shipping regulations.It will all be the same solution however it will be packaged slightly different.

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100 mL, 120mL expires: 06/24, 90mL expires: 12/23, 450 mL

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