pH Electrode with Storage Solution


Now includes an extra 100mL bottle of replacement pH electrode storage solution. See below for additional information.

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Replacement pH electrode for the SC-200 and the SC-300 Analyzers. Includes a small vial of pH Electrode Storage solution PLUS an additional 100mL bottle of replacement storage solution. The pH electrode should be properly stored in its electrode storage solution and the solution in the small vial should be replaced/replenished every 6 months or when the solution becomes cloudy or moldy.

As of January 6, 2021, Vinmetrica is providing a new type of pH electrode.  These are identical in operation and use to the older style electrodes, but have a few physical differences.

  1. They are grey in color, though they made of the same sturdy polycarbonate housing material.
  2. They have a removable sensor protector. This can be unscrewed to better access the vicinity of the glass bulb (pH sensor) for cleaning.  However, you do not want to clean the glass bulb itself by physical contact in any way – contact us if you have questions.  Don’t try to use the electrode without its protector in place – the glass bulb is very fragile.
  3. They have a porous ceramic frit for a reference junction. The earlier models used a polymeric material.  This does not require any additional attention on your part, but we found that this reference junction is less affected by lack of stirring, and the pH accuracy below pH 3.2 is slightly improved.

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