Vinmetrica SC-50 MLF Analyzer Kit


The Vinmetrica SC-50 MLF Analyzer Kit is a great addition to your winemaking toolkit. Includes everything to perform 5 Malic Acid tests: SC-55 unit, MLF Reagent Set, reaction vials, beakers, plastic scoop, pipettes and more.

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The Vinmetrica SC-50 MLF Analyzer Kit

Please note: The SC-50 MLF  Analyzer Kit contains products that must be stored either frozen upon arrival. Please ship the product to a location where someone will be to receive it. The reagents in the SC-50 kit are stable at room temperature for approximately 14 days. Instructions for storing can be found on the individual reagent bottles as well as in the manual. Please contact for more information.

*Due to higher temperatures during the summer months, we reserve the right to temporarily hold shipments of “freezer/refrigeration required” items in order to protect the shipment. Please contact us if you have any questions.* 

The Vinmetrica SC-55 MLF Analyzer gives accurate and reliable malic acid concentration levels in wine for detecting the end of malolactic fermentation (MLF). The kit includes everything to perform 10 malic acid concentration tests: all vials, pipettes, conical tubes, beakers, etc.

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SC-50 MLF Analyzer How-To Video
SC-50 MLF Analyzer Kit Manual
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A Great Addition to Your Wine Lab

The all-new SC-50 MLF Analyzer Kit from Vinmetrica has recently been revamped and is the perfect addition to the rest of your wine making equipment. The new, stand-alone SC-50 instrument offers the same level of accuracy and reliability as all our other SC Series devices and will aid the winemaker in the determination of malic acid levels in wine. With its easy to use vial insertion assembly, the MLF Analyzer gives you fool-proof readings down to 0.04 g/L accuracy. Because it does not require any fancy, expensive lab equipment, the SC-50 MLF analyzer eliminates the need for paper chromatography and it saves you time too!

The Complete MLF Analyzer Kit

Includes everything needed to measure malic acid levels in 10 of your fermenting wine samples:

A Quick Overview

The Vinmetrica SC-50 MLF Analyzer measures the pressure given off by the same MLF reaction that you use in your wine. When malic acid is present, carbon dioxide (CO2) is evolved and detected as pressure.

The device signals whether or not MLF is done! The SC-55 is capable of detecting below 0.04 g/L malic acid!

This analyzer kit can also help you determine MLF levels pre-fermentation!

How It Works

The SC-50 MLF Kit relies on the biochemical MLF reaction caused by enzymes found in certain bacteria, including lactobacilli and oenococcus strains, and in the Biopressure agent component of the kit. These bacteria live on a variety of nutrients, but their production of CO2 results almost entirely from the enzymatic transformation of malic acid to lactic acid:

Malic Acid                                         Lactic Acid

The CO2 creates pressure, which is read by the SC-55 manometer. The CO2 pressure is directly proportional to the amount of malic acid in the sample. The level of malic acid can be calculated from the pressure values by one or more calibrators of malic acid provided with the kit. Detection limit is below 0.04 g/L. The assay takes 45 minutes, or up to 90 minutes if the Confirmation Procedure is performed (page 8).

Watch our How-To Videos

How to Test for MLF

If you need older videos, please visit our YouTube page.


  • Accurately assesses end of MLF at 0.04 g/L malic acid. Capable of detecting below 0.04 g/L malic acid
  • Affordable: About $ 3 per test or less.
  • Easy, safe to Use: No toxic chemicals or noxious odors.
  • Fast: results in 45 minutes. Able to run multiple tests at once.

Why Choose the Vinmetrica MLF Analyzer?

The MLF Analyzer is much easier and more accurate and sensitive than paper chromatography. As a stand alone instrument, the MLF Analyzer is a great addition to your winemaking toolkit.

– It’s Accurate: Accurately assesses end of MLF at 0.04g/L malic acid. Capable of detecting below 0.04g/L malic acid.

– Quick: Can run multiple samples at once, process takes approx 45 minutes.

– Easy to use: No caustic chemicals or guesswork.

– Affordable: About $3 per test!

– Dependable: All of our instruments come with a 2 year warranty.

For more details about operation and running the Vinmetrica SC-50 MLF Analyzer Kit:

Check out the SC-50 Manual

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Need Some Help?

Check out the Troubleshooting Guide
Watch the How-To Video

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