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Extended Warranty for SC Series devices. If available, please write the Serial Number of your instrument in the ‘Customer Notes’ section of your order. This will help speed up the verification process.

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The Extended Warranty is designed to offer additional coverage, support, and repairs of your SC Series device. The Extended Warranty can be purchased at any time during the current included warranty of 2 years.  However, after the 2 year period has expired, the extended warranty can no longer be purchased (internal verification process will occur upon receipt of order). If you know the purchase date and who you purchased your instrument from, please write that in the ‘Customer Notes’ section. You may provide the Serial Number of your instrument instead, however this may delay your order. 

The Extended Warranty will extend the standard 2-year warranty for an additional 2 years, for a total of 4 years of coverage.  Please note that pH and SO2 electrodes are not covered under the extended warranty. However your Extended Warranty includes a 40% discount on the purchase price for these electrodes during the warranty period if we diagnose a malfunction that is covered under the warranty (limit 2 purchases per warranty).

The extended warranty covers all Technical Support correspondence, diagnostics, repairs, testing, replacement parts and labor for the lifetime of the warranty. The warranty is voided if the instrument is opened without permission from the Technical Support staff, or if visible water damage or other obvious physical damages are present. We will not honor warranty repairs if shipper does not use proper and sufficient shipping methods or improper shipment of unit or electrodes where negligence is applicable.

Customer must pay inbound shipping and is responsible for insurance costs related to shipping; Vinmetrica will pay outbound shipping.

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SC-50, SC-100A, SC-200, SC-300


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