How to Test Wine for Sulfite (SO2) Video

Vinmetrica’s SC-300 Wine Sulfite (SO2) Test How-To Video

The video above shows How to Measure Sulfite (SO2) in Wine using the SC-300 (or the SC-100A). Using the SC-300 is easy, quick and very accurate way to measure your Sulfite (SO2) levels in your wine, even in red wines! Make that Big Red you always have wanted or that masterful blend and prevent its spoilage with Vinmetrica’s SC-300. The SC-300 also has the ability to measure pH and TA in one instrument, the ultimate winemaker’s companion.

Vinmetrica’s SC-100 Sulfite (SO2) Step-by-Step Video

The video above shows How to do a Wine Sulfite (SO2) analysis using Vinmetrica’s SC-100. While the device has a different appearance, the process and the accuracy are the same. The SC-100 (and SC-300) SO2 test takes less than 2 minutes to determine your ppm Free SO2!

7 thoughts on “How to Test Wine for Sulfite (SO2) Video

  1. Hello! Is there any video to show me how to test the total So2 and not just the free one?

    1. Fernando,

      We do not have a video for testing for Total SO2 but the instructions for how to perform the test are located towards the back of your SC-100, SC-100A or SC-300 manual. If you need additional help or instructions please just let us know.


  2. My meter will not tell me to hit enter. I’ve turned off and on and still nothing. Any suggestions?

    1. Greg,
      Thank you for your inquiry. Just to confirm a few things first. Make sure your are gently swirling the probe in the solution the entire time you are calibrating the instrument. It might take 30 sec to a minute for it to reach a stable value. Once the instrument settles on a stable value the CAL led should start blinking signaling you to press the Enter button. If you are doing all of these steps correctly and the CAL led still does not blink our Tech Support might be able to help you out with a few more tricks. They can be reached at 760-494-0597.
      Thank you.

  3. I need to replenish my supply of titrant, reactant, and acid solutions. I can’t seem to find a place in Vinmetrica to place an order.
    Can you help me place an order.

  4. On your sulfite test video for your SC-100 …. the blurring of the sample wine bottle label is a little distracting. Maybe just show the label or take the sample from the wine bottle and put the bottle off camera. Not really a big deal.

    1. John, well, it was done after shooting and I didn’t want to re-shoot it, so I had it blurred out. Anyway we are now on to the latest generation of the SC series so that video is pretty much out of date. And, we are making/testing our own wine, so we no longer have to worry about offending anyone else’s reputation.

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