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Current Expiration Date: Strips: 04-11-2024      Buffer: 12-21-23

The Sentia™ product line need to be shipped via 2-Day flat rate ($19.95) shipping. Does NOT qualify for Free Shipping.

The Sentia™ Analyzer works with Sentia™ Malic Acid Test Strips to measure Malic Acid concentration in post-fermentation red or white wine.

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The Sentia™  Analyzer Malic Acid Test Strips

The Sentia™ Malic Acid Test Strips give you the power of a laboratory in the palm of your hand. Using the portable and easy-to-use Sentia™ Analyzer, the Sentia™ Malic Acid test strips can measure Malic Acid concentration in post-fermentation red and white wines.  If you need fast, reliable results on the go, the Sentia™ system is worth considering as an alternative to the Vinmetrica SC-50.

Sentia User Manual
Sentia™ How-To Videos
Sentia MLF Quick Guide
MLF Instructions for Sentia
Sentia vs Vinmetrica MLF Comparison

In developing the Sentia™ system, Universal Biosensors created the Sentia™ Malic Acid Test Strip using their heritage in electrochemical technology developed in the medical device field. They then matched this to the hand-held Sentia™ Analyzer boasting a color touchscreen display and wireless connectivity.

Their goal was simple: take the pain out of Malic Acid testing. Make your own testing simpler and faster. No more sending samples to the lab waiting days for the data to come back or messing with caustic reagents and titrations. Just reliable test results you can collect yourself in under a minute.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: The Sentia™ Test strips & Buffers need to be shipped via 2-Day shipping. Due to the complicated shipping for the Sentia™ items, we will ship your order via FedEx 2-Day Flat Rate for $19.95.

The Sentia™ Test Strips for testing Malic Acid (MLF) has two components:

  • Airtight Vial includes 25 test strips
  • A MLF Buffer Solution (good for 50 tests)

Things you will also need to test for Malic Acid (MLF):

The test strips must be shipped cold via 2-Day shipping. They need to be stored in the refrigerator upon receipt.

Additional Tests: Sentia™  is currently working on more tests and has just released their Acetic Acid and TA test strips. We should know more in 2023!

A Quick Overview – Using the Sentia™ Analyzer:

Easy Malic Acid (MLF) Testing

  1. Press the power button to turn on the analyzer.
  2. Prepare samples by diluting wine with Buffer (up to 30 min before testing) and mixing thoroughly.
  3. On the Home screen, touch the TEST button.
  4. Select Malic Acid from the list.
  5. Select Sample Type (and optionally entering a sample ID), select or enter the index number of the vial.
  6. Remove a strip from the vial then securely close the vial. Always store strips in the fridge when not in use.
  7. When prompted, insert the strip gently but firmly into the Analyzer
  8. Only when prompted, apply the sample on to the end of the strip.
  9. When the analysis is complete, the test result will be presented.

**Updating your Sentia™ Analyzer: The Sentia™ analyzer will need to be connected to WIFI briefly every three months in order to automatically acquire the latest calibration data for the Sentia™ test strip batches, although we recommend you connect whenever convenient. If your analyzer is not showing the button for MLF testing you will need to perform a firmware update to access this capability. Simply connect to wifi and the instrument will do the rest. The update can take up to 30 minutes to install.**

How It Works

The Sentia™ system measures free Malic Acid directly by a modern, miniaturized version of the  technique of voltammetry. There is no need to add reagents; the system is pre-calibrated to work directly on the sample when applied to the strip.

How-To Videos for the Sentia™  Analyzer

Using the Sentia™  Analyzer

Simple Wine Testing with Sentia™

Spend Less Time in the Lab

Preparing Diluted Samples for Sentia Analysis

For more videos, check out Sentia’s YouTube page


Malic Acid (MLF)

  • Sensitivity: 0.05 g/L – 5 g/L of Malic Acid
  • Time per Test: 45 seconds
  • Volume of wine per test: 0.008 mL (eight microliters)

Why Choose the Sentia™ Analyzer and Malic Acid Test Strips?

– It’s Accurate: Vinmetrica itself has verified the accuracy relative to the well-established SC-50 system.

– Quick: Less than 1 minute per test!

– Easy to use: No multiple pipetting of reagents or reagent preparation, no time wasted calibrating and no special training required.

– Affordable: As low as $6.00 per test!*

– Dependable:  The simplicity of the system reduces opportunities for error.

* After initial purchase of the Sentia™ Analyzer.

For more details:

Check out the Sentia™ User Manual
Sentia Data Sheet
Sample Preparation for Sentia Analyses

Simple as that!

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