YAN Formaldehyde Reagent


YAN Reagent (Formaldehyde Solution) for the YAN Test. 30mL.

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YAN Reagent (Formaldehyde Solution) for the YAN Test. 30mL.

CAUTION! The YAN reagent (formaldehyde and methanol components) is flammable. Keep away from sparks and open flame. The YAN reagent is TOXIC and a possible CARCINOGEN! Do not inhale fumes or ingest any solutions containing it. Do not pipette by mouth! Perform all steps with formaldehyde in a fume hood or similar well-vented environment. Wear laboratory gloves and safety glasses at all times when handling formaldehyde. If contact with skin or clothes occurs, flush with plenty of water and apply a solution of the formaldehyde neutralizer powder (1 tsp/50 mL water).

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